Is Mahira Khan secretly married? Mahira Khan Reveals The Truth About Her Marriage

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Mahira Khan husband

The Graceful Pakistani actress was also asked whether she was secretly married in in a recent interview. To this, she glanced at her fingers – looking for a wedding ring – and quipped, “No, I am not secretly married. Do you see a ring?” She added if she ever tied the knot, she would tell her fans.

She started her career as a VJ in 2006.Mahira Khan met Ali Askari in 2006 in Los Angeles and married him in 2007.They have a son, born in 2009. The couple got divorced in 2015.

Mahira Khan has also confirmed her relationship status, revealing that she is in a relationship with Salim karim. In an interview, Mahira Khan emphasized, “I am not someone who is going to deny something which is the truth”.

Last year Mahira and Salim are dressed in formal attire, and are standing close to each other. This picture is reportedly from a party where the two were spotted dancing together. Rumour has it that they engaged in some PDA as well.

In 2017, Mahira hit headlines when photos of her and Ranbir Kapoor smoking in New York did the rounds on social media. Trolls attacked her for smoking and wearing a short dress. Ranbir had come to her rescue and told the naysayers to back off.

In the video, Mahira was also asked if she has battled body image issues in the past.

“It would be a lie if I said that I struggle with body image issues. But I can empathise with body image issues. Everyone’s on social media, you don’t need to be a celebrity to go through that. Because the kind of images we are constantly putting out is unreal. I struggle with a lot of other things. I struggle with anxiety, stress and sometimes, being myself. Like, I used to be able to laugh and talk and be funny, whatever my sense of humour was. And now everything, even a caption, is taken and blown out of proportion, so it kind of makes you cagey,” she said.