100 Years of Chinese Communist Party: From Mao’s Communism To Xi’s

Chinese Communist Party
100 Years of Chinese Communist Party

the chinese communist party turns 100 on july 2021 and as the ccp starts its second century it has survived far longer than what many critics have predicted there are celebrations performances banners .
cheers xi jinping’s ccp has been on a massive show of patriotic further to commemorate its centenary celebration this year and xi jinping has reason to celebrate reportedly very few leaders of the red dynasty have enjoyed as much glorious second largest economy one party has ruled china for 72 years.
ccp has survived foreign of the modern age what role does a hundred years ago the ccp was founded on the first of july 1921 in shanghai by chen ducio who was popularly referred to as china’s the party traces its origins to the may the fourth movement an anti-feudal political stir that grew out of student protests in beijing the red army came into being on the 1st of august 1927 in the wake of the auto harvester army was established he proclaimed the establishment of the people’s republic of china on the 1st of october 1949.
consequently emerged as china’s biggest leader and his ideology was not only included but also in the party’s constitution after mao’s death 1997 is 21st century china stands tall because of xi jinping one of the most powerful leaders in the history of china in 2013 .he took over as the leader of the fifth generation of the cbc .
He joined the communist party in 1974 at the age of 21 and rapidly climbed the party’s hierarchy to become a prominent figure he gradually emerged as the most powerful leader in china over the years xi jinping systematically held more control over and officials being punished including his since 2013 xi jinping has been incorporating part-breaking measures and reforms to make the pla a modern fighting force he firmly believes that a return to original maoism is the only way to save china’s future xi jinping reorganized the central military commission the cmc and appointed himself remain president experts believe it’s now hard to see being challenged which envisions a powerful and prosperous china he has referred to china entering a new era in which beijing plays a greater role in world defense to realize the china dream xi jinping has chosen the geo-economic road his belt initiative with an investment of one trillion dollars seeks to enlarge beijing’s influence across the globe she is also credited for making quick territorial gains in disputed areas in the south and east china seas.
2021 china stands as the world’s second largest economy with a gdp of 14 trillion dollars it has the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world and is the largest trading nation in terms of goods it also boasts of having the second largest military these are all remarkable never in achievements history has china ever witnessed such prosperity even 19 pandemic the chinese economy has registered a growth of 18.3 in the first quarter is criticism for women have shared stories foreign seen by many as an effort to trumpet china’s strength in a pandemic ravaged world and to reassert the party’s grip on its people china’s rivalry with the us is seen as a powerful undercurrent in the party’s grand celebration the occasion provides gdp an opportunity to project his strength on the global stage she has successfully ridden the dragon for the last 9 years is the biggest question for the chinese communist party a hundred years.