Russia’s Putin offer a blank cheque to pakistan

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Russian president offered us a blank cheque

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Islamabad last week after a gap of nine years, he had delivered an “important” message to the Pakistani leadership. The message was from President Vladimir Putin.
“I came with a message from my president that tell Pakistan we are open for any cooperation, whatever Pakistan needs Russia is ready for it,” Lavrov was quoted by a senior Pakistani official, who attended the closed door meeting between the Russian foreign minister and Pakistani authorities, as saying.
“In other words, the Russian president offered us a blank cheque,” said the official, who requested not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.
When asked to elaborate what exactly is meant by a ‘blank cheque,’ the official explained that Russia stands ready for a wide range of bilateral initiatives including gas pipelines, strategic corridors, and defense cooperation.
The onus is on Pakistan to turn the visit of any Russian statesman after nine years into a highly successful visit, the official noted.
Pakistan and Russia are already working on the North-South gas pipeline project. The two sides had entered into the agreement in 2015 to lay a pipeline from Karachi to Lahore. The project is estimated to cost $2 billion.


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