WhatsApp New Features Expected To Launch in 2021

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WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp is reportedly working on several new features for the last year. Moreover, we know it releases new features every other month to improve the overall user experience.

whatsapp multi device feature
The feature will allow users to add more than one device for a single account. Currently, WhatsApp only supports two devices at the same time, namely a phone and a desktop. The new multi device support will reportedly allow users to add up to four devices on a single account.

WhatsApp Logout
WhatsApp logout feature will replace the ‘Delete Account’ button and support the upcoming multi-device feature.It will allow users to logout from their accounts from their devices, just like Facebook and other social networking apps. The WhatsApp logout feature is likely to allow people on the app to use their account on multiple devices at the same time.

Instagram Reels on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is also working on a new feature to get the Instagram Reels section going forward. This allow users to watch Instagram Reels directly from the messaging app. this can be a part of WhatsApp’s integration plan with other Facebook-owned apps.Instagram Reels is the short video feature, which was added to the picture-sharing app last year after the government banned TikTok.

WhatsApp audio message speed and disappearing images
WhatsApp is also working on a new audio message feature. allow users to control the speed at which the audio message plays. In addition to the 1x speed, users will be able to play the audio files at 1.5x or 2x speeds.disappearing images will be similar to WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages in the basic sense. They will automatically delete from the chat after a while.

WhatsApp Read Later
Read later is an improved of the existing Archived Chats. When a chat is moved to read later, WhatsApp won’t send notifications for that chat.Read later will also come with an edit button for users to customize settings. Users will also be able to select multiple chats at once to quickly unarchive them.

Joining Missed Group Calls At Any Time
The future update support for WhatsApp users to join missed calls at any time. they have invited later the call has started. if WhatsApp users missed it earlier then it isn’t over.they can join any time during the group call entire participants call don’t need to restarted with other people again.