FC Barcelona: police raid headquarters of Barcelona football club detain former Barcelona president

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Barcelona football club

Barcelona arrests: Ex-president Josep Maria Bartomeu among 4 officials detained in the connection with ‘Barcagate’

Police say several arrested during the operation, which comes days before the club’s presidential elections.

Police entered Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium on Monday in a search and seize operation; police say a number of arrests were made; the operation comes less than a week before the club’s presidential elections take place.

A police operation is ongoing at Barcelona football club and several arrests have been made, a police spokesperson said.

“We are in the process of carrying out an operation right now with agents of the financial crimes unit,” a police spokesman told AFP news agency without specifying the number of arrests made or their identities.

Barcelona had denied accusations that they hired and overpaid a company to make negative comments about their own players and opponents on social media in order to boost the image of senior officials. The company was accused of using fake social media accounts to discredit opposition figures when they expressed views that went against the club.