Why the monopoly of big tech companies needs to be broken

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monopoly of big tech companies

do we want to give this kind of power to foreign tech giants facebook has close to 3 billion users worldwide 3 billion practically half the world’s population it can influence and decide what’s right and what’s not this is power grab by big tech they become powerful monopolies laws unto themselves most of the major tech companies are based in the silicon valley engineers sitting there are taking decisions that impact billions around the world no consequences for missteps no accountability and no punitive action when they commit mistakes even american lawmakers now want big tech to be broken up.

this was unprecedented in july 2020 ceo of america’s four biggest tech companies apple google amazon and facebook appeared together before american lawmakers these proceedings had the attention of the world because it was the first time that big tech companies were being officially scrutinized the power these companies have to impact what happens during the election what people what american citizens get to see prior to their voting almost three months after the hearings the u.s house of representatives has put together a report the verdict is unanimous big tech companies are monopolies and their power needs to be checked.

last week social media giant facebook has followed through on its threat restricting people in australia from viewing news content the power to turn off those in power facebook have extended their block on donald trump’s accounts for at least thenext two weeks until joe biden’s inauguration accusing the president of using the platform to incite insurrection and the power to change how we connect how we communicatefor better says facebook for worse.