Hungry Hollywood : famous celebrities favorite food dishes

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Kylie Jenner started a show under the name ‘Cooking with Kylie’ to show her love for food and cooking which FYI is unbelievable. She’s a huge Sushi fan but she loves candied yams more than anything, she loves it to the extent that Candied Yams was the first dish on her cooking show.


The Love Yourself singer, having Canadian nationality LOVES Spaghetti Bolognese which is a classic Italian dish. However, he particularly loves the desi version of it. On his latest trip to India he had it in a huge quantity, and once he had it with milk before a show and later got sick on stage. 


The Guardians of Galaxy star used to be quite large in the past and is known to have lost weight by eating more food, well more, but healthy.
He loves eating meat in all forms and sizes, which is also his weakness. 


We’re talking about a person who took a purse full of snacks to the Oscars, this is how much she loves cool ranch Doritos. It is also reported that while shooting for her movie Red Sparrow she had to eat healthy for the role which meant no junk food and she compared that kind of diet to starvation. 


The Victoria Secrets model has admitted her love for burgers more than once, it is also reported that she likes the burgers in New York City from JG Melon. Her personal motto is ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane’ and we couldn’t agree more!


The Gossip Girl star and third time mommy-to-be has a huge thing for melted cheese. For breakfast she likes to go for Egg benedict and her favorite dessert is chocolate Soufflé. She’s obsessed with sweet foods and really enjoys baking. 
We wish her a good luck for the upcoming baby. 


We finally found someone who has the magic to refrain themselves from eating the popcorn before their movie starts. His favorite flavor is Sriracha.