Shekhar Suman slams at Troll Who Questioned on a Lavish Home

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Shekhar Suman had a befitting reply for a troll Who Questioned His Source of Income to Afford a Lavish Home . The actor went on to say that he has worked hard in films, TV, and theatre.

Actor Shekhar Suman on Saturday took to his Twitter handle to share some glimpses of his beautiful house. The pictures from his Mumbai home include his drawing room, study room, dining and other parts of his beautiful home. But these picture did not go down well with the social media users. Minutes later, a user asked, “Where did so much money come from?” and Shekhar had his own way of handling the trolling. 

While many fans expressed a desire to visit Suman’s house once, a person asked how he spent this grand house. “This paisa aaya hai se (where did so much money come from),” he asked the actor. Answering this question said, “From Mehnat. Sincerely with dedication (hard work, honesty and hard work). “

He then asked the troller “Ab samajh mein aaya?”

Suman in the following tweet revealed he had never been dependent in his life. “I’ve never been dependent on one thing in my life. My joy and sense of triumph comes from creating small challenges be it acting, hosting, reading, fitness, singing, writing, cooking, gardening. Just anything. ive to be a winner in my own eyes,” he said.