World’s most expensive ‘Royal Gold’ biryani with edible 23-karat gold in Dubai

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Royal Gold Biryani

DUBAI: The world’s most expensive biryani has been launched in Dubai by an Indian-origin restaurant at a price that’ll leave you with a gaping mouth and eyes wide open in shock.

If you are paying through your savings for a dish, you might as well eat gold. This dish, purpotedly the most expensive of its kind, served at Dubai’s Bombay Borough won’t give you a chance to complain as it is literally served with gold. The Royal Gold Biryani is nothing short of its name — it is served with 23 karat of edible gold and is royally expensive at AED 1,000 or 19,707 rs approximately.

Biryani is considered one of the most favourite desi dishes in Pakistan and across the globe too. A plateful of the aromatic and flavourful biryani dish is enough to get us drooling and people just can’t help falling in love.

‘The Royal Gold Biryani’ is made from three different types of rice — comprising biryani rice, qeema rice, and white, saffron-infused rice — and weighs about three kilogrammes.

Small potatoes, boiled eggs, mint leaves, roasted cashews, pomegranate seeds, and fried onions are added to it to bring out a unique flavour. This is followed by a variety of grilled meats, such as skewered kebabs made from Kashmiri rams, spare ribs of lambs from old Delhi, Rajput chicken kebab, Mughlai koftay, and malai [creamy] chicken roast.

‘The Royal Gold Biryani’ is served with exquisite sauces, curries, and raita, as well as nihari, Jodhpuri curry, specialty almond sauce mixed with a raita made from pomegranate seeds, and edible golden leaves.

The Royal Gold Biryani’ is priced at INR19,707, which is equivalent to about AED1,000 or PKR43,300. Not only that but it’s also served in a large gold plate and is available at the Dubai