Pakistan is all set to trademark pink salt as local product

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Pakistani officials are set to register pink salt to prevent the misuse of the product by other countries and accrue revenue.

Subsequent to obtaining brand name rights for Basmati rice, Pakistani authorities are presently set to enlist pink salt to forestall the abuse of the item by different nations and build income.

The Ministry of Commerce will enroll Himalayan pink salt Geographical Indications (GI) after a gathering with Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan led by Commerce Adviser Razak Dawood.

The guide likewise encouraged the business local area to recognize different items that can be enrolled as a GI to understand their fare potential. “We encourage our business local area to recognize and educate IPO regarding different items that can be enrolled as GI to secure them for understanding their fare potential, Dawood added.

The move is pointed toward controling unapproved utilization of Pakistan’s native items by other countries.The brand name will urge makers to advance made in Pakistan items all around the world and extend their organizations, the counselor said. Pakistan’s trade service is likewise setting up elite of different items for enlistment on a need premise and has requested that the business local area recognize different items to be enrolled.

Pakistan has a portion of the world’s biggest salt stores and is home to the second biggest salt mine on the planet in Khewra. The nation’s salt stores have been assessed at around 10 billion tons for certain 400,000 tons of salt sent out each year. The pink Himalayan salt doesn’t really come from the Himalayas however generally mined from the salt kept approximately 800 million years prior in Khewra salt mines, around 180 kilometers from Islamabad. Pakistan’s pink salt is in colossal interest abroad for a wide assortment of employments from cooking to spa medicines to lights.