DG ISPR presents 10-year review of security ops

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DG ISPR Babar Iftikhar

Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar said on Monday that the army was under the control of the government: “It does not need to get involved in politics or be dragged into it.”

The head of the ISPR replied: “When it comes to criticism or accusations, the military is doing its job. Because we are not responding, only the accusations are answered. Have no weight or they are not based on facts. 

“Our hands are full, and we don’t want to get involved in such things and we won’t. We have paved the way we will stay on the course. There’s nothing to worry about.” We are not worried. “

Major General Iftikhar further said that the criticism leveled against the army by the opposition parties was baseless and the government had responded appropriately to these statements.

“The military is doing its job, no matter what. [But] the concern is there,” he said. Referring to the PDM’s statements, the DG ISPR said that “the kind of allegations that are being made have no weight”, and citing the allegations, he said that the 2018 elections were not fair.

A briefing was arranged for the media to take a comprehensive look at the efforts made in the security domain over the last 10 years.