Kate Middleton spills the beans over wardrobe malfunction during 2019’s Christmas outing

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Kate Middleton spilled the beans over a major fashion faux pas she made last year on Christmas.

Getting candid about the same, Kate revealed she regretted wearing her outfit, consisting of a heavy, grey Catherine Walker coat, with a green hat, bag and heels.

She told a 19-year-old royal fan named Rachel Anvil, that she might have chosen the wrong outfit for the weather that day.

“Kate was talking to my daughter about clothes and how she was feeling too hot, she said ‘I really shouldn’t have worn this,'” Rachel’s mother told Metro.

“I’m there talking to Charlotte about dolls and my daughter’s talking about fashion with Kate. It wasn’t fake it was a genuine discussion, it was about a minute but it was tailored to my daughter, it was like speaking to a friend. They are totally different with the public,” she further said.